Happy New Year

I have pulled the oatmeal stout soap from the wood mold this afternoon. It was not easy. Last time I did this I unscrewed the screws too far and then had some trouble refitting my mold. Usually, I line the mold with waxed paper and pour the soap into the paper lined mold. It has worked well until the last batch. I truly believe it is the fact that I now know there are silicone molds to line the wood molds that has completely screwed up my confidence. Suddenly the “old way” doesn’t seem to work as well. Do you think we can lose the original joy of a craft by making it easier with new gadgets?

Beer Soap

This batch bothers me in more ways than unmolding to be honest. I made this batch because beer soap is currently trendy. I will admit to that and that may be another reason I had trouble releasing the soap from the mold. Making a batch for what might be the wrong reason. A trend.

So here it is, oatmeal stout soap and I find that I like it. Great almond smell, nice look. Maybe it’s time to rethink the old by adding a little something new.

Happy New Year.


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