A Taste of Honey

Making soap appeals to me on many levels. I am a practical person who loves art. In the case of soap, there are many variables to the art including oils, scent and color. The palette is limitless. I can create in soap and satisfy that need to create but the end result becomes a gift to someone else. No worries about where to store and sometimes, this art is bought for use. In any event, it is something that is enjoyed and does not go to waste. For a time, it is mine to ponder and then I move on to the next batch.
Honey soap dusted with gold mica
My current path of soap making involves a friend who has a small farm. She likes my soap and Nan and Rick will be selling some at their farm in North Carolina. Her wish is that the batches I make involve something grown on the farm and I have obliged. I have started with lavender buds from Langhorne Farms. The first soap was a simple lavender but as I have started thinking about scents and colors I have also extended the thought process which has produced the current batch called Langhorne Apple Lavender. 
Langhorne Lavender Apple Soap
Today the plan is to use blueberry leaves as color, texture and a bit of an exfoliator to create a batch of Langhorne Blueberry Lavender. Let it begin.

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