Refining Soap

One thing an art mind has to learn is a balance between learning new things and a protection of work already known. We become protective of what we do sometimes and it shuts us off from being open to suggestions. I have been protective on occasion, once because someone “borrowed” something I designed, recolored it and claimed it and I will also admit to closing myself off from well-minded people offering their opinions on a work I am (or was) already happy with as it stands. We can all learn from each other and that sharing makes us a better world. This kind of sharing tends to stand truer for crafters as a way of passing on the art.

In a meeting of old and new I am taking an online soap crafting course through Brambleberry and will share what I learn here (respecting the copyright of the course). This series of classes will give me a chance to see soap making through new eyes and collaborate with others who love the process.

My first lesson is next week, making an all natural soap with Annatto Seed infused Sweet Almond oil and Fir needle essential oil. The course sounds amazing, offering on-line video instruction with Anne-Marie Faiola, ingredients for each class shipped to me and an on-line classroom question and answer session. It seems to meet all needs of modern soap crafters and I am looking forward to the experience.

This also gives me a chance to step back after some intense soap making for a good cause. Through an Etsy shop my daughter was able to raise almost $5000 for breast cancer research. There was some major soap-making involved by me but the applause goes to her and all who generously participated in the event.



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