Soap Class and Therapy

Dear Anne Marie Faiola,

The most important thing I have learned so far from the soap class is that I am the troublemaker who sits at the back. I never thought of myself that way but now that I have finished the second lesson in your wonderful and amazing soap series I see that I always was that person. I have learned that you don’t ever have to get recognized as a troublemaker to be one! So, thank you for not only teaching me about soap but also for teaching me who I am and honestly, I like knowing I am a bit rebellious. Who knew?

The lesson this round was to make an Ombre soap from Soap Crafting: Step-by-Step Techniques for Making 31 Unique Cold-Process Soaps by Faiola, Anne-Marie and Lara Ferroni. I had promised myself that I was going to take the time and follow each step word for word. By the time I unloaded all the goodies from the “lesson box”, I could see that I might be in trouble! After all, I am a five ingredients or less woman and I think that has a LOT to do with attention span and “look, a kitty!” brain. But I did try, watching your video twice and reading the comments from the other soapers in the on-line class.

I began in earnest, laying everything out and weighing my lye and water and setting that aside. I can say that I am always careful with the lye mixture. The oils were great in that they were pre-blended (love that mango oil) so no problems there! It all went downhill with the colors and my thinking too much, same as the first lesson! Ms. Faiola, there were too many implements! Okay, there were only two lab colors and two pipettes but it certainly looked like a gaggle of stuff. The fact that I did eyeball the trace and divide it into sections has to count for one point anyway?

One of my (many) problems was blending. I thought I had blended well but really, in the back of my head, I knew I just wanted to dive into pouring all those (9!) colors. I also decided to try to eliminate the yellow layer (sorry, that is a two count now on NO yellow!) so I added titanium dioxide. Speaking of lack of focus, doesn’t that make you see Superman standing with his hands on his hips?? The words Titanium Dioxide?! Okay, anyway, I really, really had a great time with all the layers and the badly blended spots just add character, right?? Did I mention the great Cranberry Fig scent? Oh, yea.

Thanks for putting up with me and looking forward to screwing up your next class.

Ombre Soap

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