Energy Soap Making

The last class of the fall series and I am so happy there are no grades! I received my lovely kit from Brambleberry with instructions that mentioned that I needed a “buddy” for the pouring part of the program. A buddy?  Me? I am one of those people who show up in news articles as “she seemed nice but we never saw her in the yard” kind of person. Okay, not that bad but I am a person who “works independently” and I have my husband properly cowed by the idea of assisting me in any way with anything due to my impossible standards. The funny part on that is that I have pretty low standards so the bar is not hard to reach!

Back to soap! The essential oil used in this batch is called Energy and I considered drinking this straight from the bottle. It is drool-worthy. The scent is pineapple, grapefruit with other rich scents and this soap could look like old cottage cheese and people would covet a bar just because of this scent. But let’s add to the “I want this” factor with some of the most vibrant colors I have ever seen for soap making with a very hot pink, bright orange and zesty yellow colorants.
Using the blended oils, the essential Energy oil is added at trace and then the batch is divided into three containers and colored using these gorgeous colorants. Then, following instructions, each is to be poured into the mold which has been horizontally divided by two cardboard partitions. This will create three troughs to pour the three colors SIMULTANEOUSLY into the mold. NOW you get the “you need a buddy” because unless you are Cirque de Soleil agile and can use a foot as a third hand you need help. Or you can be me.

Once again, reading directions but sure that I can work around them I poured. Soap on each side followed by my intent to pour soap in the center. As I poured the center I watched in mild horror as the soap from each side started filling in the center. I poured like mad, much like trying to fend off a wave filling a sand hole at the beach. It sort of worked. There. So when YOU make this soap, follow the directions. Now you know why. I am the person to read on what NOT to do.

The next step involves moving the colors around a bit on the bottom (which I already did not on purpose thank you very much) and then swirl the top using a beautiful swirl technique. It is probably the most beautiful soap I have ever made between the color and scent. The picture says it all.


Thank you Anne-Marie and Brambleberry for the great soap class. It has been wonderful and while you are breathing a sigh of relief, I signed up for the next classes, too. I am a slow but faithful learner!


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