Spatula, you ROCK!

I made two batches of soap this morning. I have become addicted to soap making.

Basic equipment for soap making: you need a kitchen scale, a thermometer to check oil and lye temps, a few large glass measuring bowls, a few small glass measuring bowls, an immersion blender, gloves, protective eyewear, stirring utensils and something to pour your soap into as it sets up AKA a soap mold. This is very basic as you can assemble an amazing array of great “stuff” by going to a reputable soap seller. Soap molds can be anything from quart milk containers to wooden or silicone molds. What I am ranting about today is the awesome SPATULA which for some reason was never on my list.

The downside of soap for me has always been the clean-up. It drives me nuts and the fancier the soap layers the more containers there are to clean up. We are talking OIL here people. We are talking lye. Honestly? I would rather deal with the lye as it doesn’t ooze. The oily containers seemed to coat everything, counters, sink, sponge etc. And the silliest thing that I bet everyone else who makes soap has known and used for ever but NOT me? The spatula.

Where have I been here? The spatula is like a squeegee for every container I used making clean-up almost painless. Clean up today was cut in half with that, my sponge and a grease cutting dish detergent. Insert visual of me popping myself on the forehead. My gift to you – buy a handful of spatulas just for soap use. You can thank me later.


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