Cleansing with Oils, the "new" Trend

I just have to say this out loud. We all wash with oils. There, I feel better.

I have seen a lot of trends and “latest things” and I have participated in some trends that I would really rather forget and hope all pictures have been confiscated. The latest “great” thing is washing your face with “oils”.

Anyone who makes soap knows that we cleanse with oil. Soap is made with oil. It can be as simple as saponified olive oil which is castile soap. Most of us use a combination of saponified oil, the three queens of oil being coconut, palm and okay, another oil. The saponification process makes these oils into soap and guess what? You are cleansing with oils. Soap makers add scent, color and make it pretty but it is what it is.

“But no” you say, “We are cleansing our faces with precious oils! Okay, I get it. But that has been around a very long time, too. Cold cream.

Here’s where I will make the big concession. The trends in cleansing are the oils chosen. The “latest”  cleansing oils are rice bran and camellia oils. I have also seen vitamin C and E and other magic oils. Maybe they are. Because if you feel that after you cleanse your face you are pampered and prettier, it has done the job. Like a good castile soap.

I think I’ll call a friend of mine now. She may still have that picture of me in that midriff top and lime green leggings.


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