Rebatching Soap

The dreaded word “rebatch”. For me, it means that my soap is a failure. All that work, all those ideas almost literally down the drain. And yet.

I had a large soap order going out this month. Two batches down and no problem. The third batch was the worry and after I pulled it out of the mold I thought it was one of the prettiest soaps I had made. Until the next week when I discovered that it was becoming dry and crumbly. What happened? Any number of things which is mostly inaccurate measuring and while I work hard for accuracy, sometimes something is slightly off. In this case I think it was the rice additive but I don’t know for sure.

The plan was to rebatch for home use and make another batch for the order. This becomes funny as I am careful with ingredients but in this rebatch case I simply diced up and crumbled the soap, added a random amount of olive oil and some distilled water to a large soap pan and continued to add bits of water until the “glop” was almost melted. I poured it into the mold and walked away.

When I took it out of the mold this is the result. It is a good soap with an embedded look. You just never know, do you? So here’s to rebatching soap and the good surprise that can come as a result.


4 thoughts on “Rebatching Soap

  1. Great rebatch! The first batch didn’t look too bad – but I guess you could tell it was dry. I’ve re-done the same idea with quilts – always a nice surprise when you can remake something into something more useful!


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