What’s in a Name?

Sometimes it really is all in the marketing. I have been having trouble with soap tracing a bit too quickly lately which leaves me little time to create the soap I wanted to make. I am currently making soap for a beach shop on the east coast and both soaps I have made for this shop were in much more of a hurry than I was to finish.

The soap in this instance is a coconut mango soap. I had visions of a Hawaiian shirt or a beach ball. The finished product did not look close to any of those pictures. So what to do? I considered re-batching but who knew what the blend of colors I had would come out like? It didn’t seem promising. I considered taking the whole loaf of soap and making curls out of it to embed in another soap but again, with the colors, I wasn’t sure that soap would make me happy.

What I do in these instances is to cut a bar and take it to (my other job) work. It sits and I look at it every now and then and let my mind relax. Possibilities.

The result was simple. I turned the soap on its side and used a crinkle cutter. I looked at it again and what were flaws became Coconut Coral soap.


Because sometimes you just have to turn things sideways and give it a name that fits.


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