Variations on a Soap Theme

Today I made three soaps. Buff, a fermented rice facial soap, Lavender, using embedded shreds from a “what the heck” batch of lavender soap and I finished with an Avocado soap from a recipe by Anne Marie Faiola which you can find here


The avocado soap is fun to make. What was interesting is that the first time I made it, while everyone loved the feel of the avocado soap, very few liked the fragrance. The fragrance is Wasabi and it is a green and spicy scent just like, okay, you know. My husband, Ed, loved it. So of course I didn’t make any more. Until now. Because I love that guy and I missed that scent. Give it a try and while you can use another scent, humor me.

Buff is my idea for a niche facial soap. I make it with fermented rice which is supposed to be good for the skin. I like to think I am doing something different here but sometimes wonder exactly what I am doing. Let’s say I am working on perfecting the recipe which I have shared in a previous post.

I am not a good follower. You will notice this from previous posts. Following directions is not easy for me and not following directions when making soap is not good. You can really create some wasted soap. Take the next soap for instance, which I call Confetti.

I made a soap where I substituted some shea butter for some canola oil. I can’t guarantee that was the issue but by not running it through a soap calculator I ended up with a beautiful and slightly crumbly soap. It looked like this-


and I ended up using a cheese shredder on half of it. The result was a pile of soap shreds that looked like shredded comics. I could have thrown it away but I don’t like to waste soap. You know, you can make laundry detergent with shredded soap? Note to self! What I did was make a three pound basic batch of soap, created a light trace and folded the shreds in half of the batch. I poured the shredded batch in first, topped it with the plain half and this is the result. Which one do you like better?


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