Saving an Ugly Soap

Sometimes everyone makes an ugly soap. IMG_1024Consider it a rite of passage. I know that passage well and since I don’t like waste I do what a lot of soap makers do! I use the soap somewhere/how else. If you have never had an ugly soap, congrats and move on. For anyone else, here you go!

I cut up most of the ugly bars using a serrated soap cutter.Then I took a few more bars and shredded them with a cheese grater I had bought just for my ugly soaps. Obviously, I am prepared for soap mistakes!IMG_1026IMG_1029I placed the cut up soap in my mold and used the following small batch recipe (note: I assume you are a soap maker and know the rules for working with hot oil and lye so I am not going to go into those details here) to fill in around them. IMG_1027SMALL BATCH RECIPE
16 oz. olive oil
8 oz. coconut oil
8 oz. palm oil
10.25 oz. water
4.44 oz. sodium hydroxide
1-2 oz. fragrance
Once I reached a light trace, I poured a little over half of this mixture slowly into the mold being careful not to dislodge the pieces. Any pieces that moved too far were gently shifted with a chopstick. I smoothed the top with a spatula and began part two. Using the remaining trace I mixed in the shredded pieces until I got the look I wanted. IMG_1030Doesn’t this look like that Funfetti frosting? I carefully plopped this onto the top of the soap, knocked the mold around a few times to get rid of any bubbles, wrapped the mold in a towel and walked away. I came back to this which I like a whole lot better than that first picture. IMG_1032The moral of this soap story? We all make an ugly soap now and then and I would quote you the life and lemon thing but you get the idea. Make a mistake now and then. Have fun fixing it!


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