Popularity and Soap

IMG_1066I was afraid of getting into a rut with a beach shop that is selling my soap. Really, how can that be a bad thing? It’s wonderful to have a steady customer base and know that what I make sells and is appreciated. It’s good and natural soap, after all.

I was afraid I would get bored though. I tried a few different soap scents and colors and this shop sells one and sells it well. The “beach” soap which I make in small batches (over and over). Nothing wrong with that and once I figured out that it is pretty easy to make people happy with a beach scent and beach colors I found that I could be a little different with the batches. How is it I didn’t think of it before?


With all the soap molds out there, with all the techniques, you can create a lot of different soap and still stick with a customer base that loves a certain idea. Use the popular scent, choose a different mold or a swirl technique instead of a layer. Find your customer base, make them happy and be happy, too! Have fun!




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