Fall is Coming


Life is a messy and wonderful thing, isn’t it? I didn’t think it had been that long but between the “day job” and an amazing trip to California, time has passed.

While I live in on the East Coast and in the South, I love you, California! The days were cool in NoCal and the nights downright chilly. Contrary to my beliefs and that of some around me, the West Coast was kind to me, in no small part due to the care of my daughter, Season. I saw everything at it’s best from San Francisco to the Sonoma Valley and it was all more than good there.

Right before I left for California I made a batch of soap, kitchen sink soap in a way. I was thinking of healthy and good things, brown rice and green tea and I was thinking of cooler days ahead. I had been out in our vegetable garden, noticing that the tomatoes were dwindling and plotting a chart for lettuce. Real things. Which created this soap idea.

But first I want to show you what happens with soap sometimes and why it is always a good idea to have some patience after a pour. The use of a drool worthy Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar scent from Nature’s Garden caused the soap to darken in color This is good as the original color was pretty ugly


but over a few weeks it deepened into a beautiful blend of brown and orange.
IMG_0339 (2)

and if I hadn’t gotten distracted with life, I might not have given this soap time to become what it is now. Add the scent of rich brown sugar, vanilla and sweet potatoes and combine that with the benefits of green tea and brown rice and you have

Sweet Potato Soap
1 cup green tea (room temperature) combined with
1/2 cup brown rice and 1 teaspoon yeast.
Put this in a glass jar and gently shake every day for a few days (I did this for 4 days).
Then blend in a blender to a smooth consistency and refrigerate until you soap.
I combined this with enough distilled water to have a
15.80 oz. water mixture to combine with
6.9 lye
As always I will assume you are an experienced soap maker and know the hazards of working with lye and high temperatures. Always add your lye to your water, never the other way around. Read up, then soap!
16 oz. Coconut Oil
16 oz. Palm Oil
15 oz. Olive Oil
2 oz. Castor Oil
1 oz. Almond Oil
2 oz. Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar Fragrance Oil (Nature’s Garden)
At trace add the fragrance. Pour about two cups of your trace into a separate container and whisk in 1 teaspoon yellow oxide (which is preblended with a tablespoon of the above oil blend). Add the main batch of trace to your mold. Tamp down the mold to clear any bubbles or holes. Pour about half of the yellow oxide down the middle of the mold. Use a spatula to pour the remaining over the top using the spatula to “catch” the yellow pour so it goes across the top of the soap. Tamp and cover with a towel.

Now, I know you are looking at the picture trying to figure out the speckles, the color and more. The speckles are from the rice. The lye burnt some of the pulverized rice which created those speckles and some nice exfoliating properties to the bar. The dark color is a result of the fragrance oil. The lighter accent is that yellow oxide.

Always remember that much of the fun of making soap is what comes out at the end of the process. You really never know!


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