That Guy

I am that lab partner you tried to avoid in high school. The one who wondered what would happen if you mixed those two beakers together. Who tried to revive the frog. I am the kid who wanted the vinegar/baking soda volcano not only to erupt, but to hit the ceiling of the classroom by using double the ingredients.  I have great ideas without focus. Now, I am a soap maker.

I love the pictures and the ideas and I enthusiastically grab the materials and go for the gist of it. Sometimes it works. In fact, it works a lot. And then there are the times I follow the recipe quite nicely and it doesn’t work at all.

I made a soap today for Christmas. The plan was to make it almost pure white with a drop of red and a drop of green that would show in each cut bar. Maybe dust the top with mica. I measured everything carefully. Put a tablespoon of the oil mixture in three containers and mixed 1/2 teaspoon red clay in one, 1/2 teaspoon spirulina in the next and 1/2 teaspoon titanium dioxide in the third. I traced the main batch added the fragrance oil (a Christmas blend) and watched while the traced immediately turned red. Why? Because of one small detail that I missed; discolors to a tan in cold process soap.

So, kudos to fast thinking (and a thumbs down to not focusing), I plopped the thickening trace in my mold filling halfway, put a line of the darker red mixture down the middle, added the rest of the soap mixture, topped it with the rest of the red and did a quick swirl. I topped it with gold mica dust.IMG_0476

How many people out there start out with an idea that comes out completely differently when making soap? It’s still a good soap; smells good, soaps well and it is pretty. But does it “count” when it is not what you intended? Does it matter? Something I will be thinking about today as I go make a basket. With no pattern.IMG_0553


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