Soap Packaging

There are some people out there who can not only make beautiful soap but also seem to have enough left over creativity to package that soap beautifully. Believe me, it counts.

Soap making in itself is an amazing talent. It has taken me a few years to get where I am pleased with most of my soap making skills. When buyers see my soap, they don’t always see that the ingredients are natural or the process it took to make it or the fact that it is a darn good soap. What do they see? Is it pretty?

Sometimes, my soap smells great and has a great consistency but the fragrance oil has changed the color of the soap or a clay did not produce the look I wanted. Is it a loss? Not always, because how it is packaged is almost as important as how it is made. What? Unfair! But true. And you may not want to admit to it, but you know it.

You have been to craft shows where soap is stacked in a row on a table. You have seen a booth a few down with old fashioned farm baskets or wooden crates filled with soap, a rustic sign, a special display. Where do you tend to linger?

So even though you think you are finished when you cut that loaf, you are rarely done. Because it’s all in the view and here is one example: a wonderful smelling soap that discolored on using the fragrance oil.

IMG_0553I could have scrapped a five pound loaf, could have rebatched it. Instead, I wrapped it in glitter and sold it all. Because it is a beautiful smelling, vegan soap that just needed a little extra TLC.


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