Blizzard Soap

It happens every year in my area of North Carolina. We get snowed in for a day or two and I get creative and make soap. Out of snow.IMG_0676It was a blizzard this round and if you are reading this in January of 2016, you know what I am talking about here.

I set a bowl on the deck rail, went to bed and had enough snow for 5 batches of soap. I made one small batch. Just for fun.

Be sure you have all your ingredients ready to go including your soap mold. Working with snow means that your snow/lye mixture will be a low temperature. My oils were 15 degrees above the  lye mixture 85/100 and I had a light trace in no time.

As always, I assume you are experienced with soap making and the safety rules involved so here is the basic recipe-

small batch about 6 bars
20 oz. olive oil
2.5 oz. coconut oil
2.5 oz. palm oil
8 oz. clean snow
3.3 oz. lye crystals
1 oz. essential oil (I used Brambleberry’s Kensington Rain)
Coloring below

This time I did an in the pot swirl using the following: three containers, smallest container as one, middle 2 and leave a large container for three as you will incorporate one and two below to the third container
1) 1/2 teaspoon Ultramarine Blue mica in one mixed with 1 tablespoon oil
2) 1/4 teaspoon Ultramarine Blue mica and 1/4 teaspoon Titanium Dioxide mixed with 1 tablespoon oil
3) 1/2 teaspoon Titanium Dioxide mixed with 1 tablespoon oil

When you reach a very light trace, add your fragrance, lightly blend and divide your mixture between the three containers. I varied the amount with the most mixture in the white (TD), the second in the lightest blue and the remaining amount in the dark blue. When they are mixed to your liking, pour the first two (your blues) into container three (the white/TD) and then pour this into your soap mold. I dusted the top with pearl mica, insulated with a towel and the resulting picture is above.

What I really wanted was a batch of brownies. The calories in this were a lot better, trust me.



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