I have been making soap for several years now. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I bought a bar of commercial soap. My husband raids the soap rack without thought for  orders so you would think I could make soap sort of automatically, you know?

But it doesn’t work that way.

No matter how many batches I have made, things happen. Sometimes it is a slight miscalculation on my part (didn’t that sound nice?) or I might try something new and (not good) different. I might not have read the important info on how an essential oil or colorant handles itself in cold process soap. And sometimes a company has reformulated a product and it just doesn’t act the same as the tried and true. At that point, I have to decide whether to aim the batch I am not proud of at friends and family, try for a rebatch or toss the mistake which is costly.

Note that sometimes fiddling with an ugly batch of soap is not only time consuming but also costly.


The soap in the front of this picture looks like a fairly acceptable bar. But it is blueberry. I used a violet mica in an in the pot swirl. Yes, I know. So it smells wonderful. BUT.

Please note, I highly recommend never selling your soap because it is “close enough”. You do yourself a real injustice in letting that soap go to a consumer because that soap is an ad for a less than great product/look that you aren’t proud of and you really don’t want the consumer walking around sharing your work like that. Go for the “chuck it” method if it won’t rebatch well.

Picture two is a rebatch of the blueberry using and indigo mica. And I am still not sure about it. IMG_0884.JPGSo here is what I do. After rebatching this particular soap in a round mold, I cut it and take it to my “other job”. It sits on my desk and I look at it a while, smell it, consider my options.

One option at this point is the marketing. What do I call it? Blueberry? Blueberry Cobbler? Rustic Blueberry?  Telling it like it is, I am going with Rustic Blueberry (how about Rustic Blueberry Rebatch Round…..stop!). If I use this soap, how would I package it into an attractive sell? The smell is great, it is a rustic soap..can I find a rough net back that resembles a fishermen’s net? An idea forms.


And it works.


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