I had this chair.IMG_0924

I bought a chair from Habitat for Humanity last November. We are a casual family and our dining room consists of a table and a group of four mismatched chairs (also from Habitat). I like the mix. It suits. But we were having a get together so I needed another chair. Simple.

After the holidays, I kept looking at that chair.

Those reading this know me because you ARE me. The ideas that float around in my head when I see some things. You have those. Ed has handled this over the years with a lipstick pink wall, a DIY popcorn ceiling removal, wall art and more. I promised that from now on I would limit my ideas to things that didn’t entirely destroy the house. Smile.

So there was the chair. And some old tee-shirts. Which I cut into strips.And started weaving.IMG_0927

There’s no tutorial. You may not have a chair like this or would even consider the idea. But you get the idea. And the reason behind it. And I like it. That’s enough.



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