Soap Avalanche

I do this all the time. I lose interest in soap making. Okay, not lose interest but get distracted. Did I tell you I have a weaving loom? That the vegetable garden is planted and looks great? That the “day” job has been a bit consuming? And did I mention the last couple of batches of soap did not have my full attention and they looked like it? But I am back. Because I am a terrier and have to solve the problem. Not easy to find with soap.

When a batch goes wrong there are many possible reasons from a new formulation of a fragrance oil you have used before to colorants to (not paying attention to) the recipe. I have it straight now, thank you.


This is the way By the Sea soap should look and it does. Light trace allows time for working with layers and avoids bubbles, clumps and a dry looking soap. Simplistic but true. A light trace, which is a blend of your oils and lye mixture, looks like a thin milkshake. Over blending is tempting but not good.


And I made lavender for the Etsy shop. This is an in the pot swirl with an S swirl at the top. Adding lavender at the top can create a problem if the buds get damp. Just like any natural flower they will (I hate to say “rot” when talking about soap!) leave a yellow residue. So add a little at the top and leave it uncovered. Spritzing the top of the soap with Isopropyl alcohol will help stop ash and then you can dust the top with the lavender buds.

Finally, I made a quick melt and pour soap. I have mixed feelings about melt and pour. I feel that someone else actually made the soap and I am just melting and reforming it. There are some really beautiful melt and pour soaps out there and I may look into a few more recipes. If you want to create this one it is from my favorite soap site:


and for more recipes, please go here!


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