Soaping Mania!

AssortmentThis last weekend I was on a roll. Funny how that one works. I was sitting lazily on the couch on Saturday morning and out of nowhere I decided to make a batch of soap. Which led to two batches because the first one was so lovely and then a third because I couldn’t believe how nice the first two turned out. I just didn’t want to stop

bts2I have a go to recipe that tends to fit several of my molds just right. It is simple, too.

as always, I assume you have made cold-process soap before and have thoroughly read all safety information!

Classic Soap Recipe
6.9 oz. Lye
15.8 oz. distilled water
16 oz. palm oil
16 oz. coconut oil
16 oz. olive oil
4 tablespoons of fragrance oil
micas to suit whatever I am creating

It is almost like those cooking recipes that are one batch makes three different cookies! Soap making can feel that simple when you are ready to create. Since the basics are oils, liquids and lye the variation comes from the combination of oils, the choice of liquids and the fragrance and coloring. That’s when you can complicate things! And I have. But that is another story!

I also had some leftover beer. I know that sounds wrong but there you go! Flat beer. So instead of throwing that out, I made an entire loaf of soap to go with it! From this recipe by the SoapQueen. A happy variation as the beer was not stout (color difference).

B Soap

Let’s see what next Saturday brings!



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