New Year, New Ideas

I have given up the day job. That is frightening and exhilarating and puts just a bit of pressure on me in where I am headed in this world. There are a million soap makers in this world, most are good, some are outstanding so where do I fall in that world?
For those who love and live for our soap, thank you! It has meant so much to me to think we are creating something you like to use and that you believe in. I plan to continue doing what I love doing and sharing that with you. I also plan to make our soaps even better for skin than ever. In that, I have a range planned from the well-loved brown rice soap, which is so gentle and soothing for skin to a few new soaps that I hope will give you what you love and need in skin care.
Coming up in February is a soap filled with pureed carrots. I have tried it (I always do) and for my aging skin it is a creamy, moisturizing bar.
We also have a cocoa butter soap for extra moisturizing over the cold months and I am planning on a tea tree charcoal soap for problem skin.
I will be sharing recipes that I love with you so come back soon! Thanks for stopping by.


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