Skin Soap

You would think that would be obvious, right? But I started making soap because I was curious about how it was done, veered off into all the beautiful ways it can be made and then, here I am.

Making claims about the medical properties of a soap is a no no for a soap maker. We can read up on what oils and herbs do but honestly, most of us have no medical training and to imply our soap will cure something is just wrong (in my opinion). Yet most of us know that commercial soaps have all kinds of extra things in it to extend shelf life that we don’t want in our soap and many of us have delved into the properties of herbs in a search for a good soap.

I made this soap for my daughter, Season. Season is beautiful inside and out. She has very fair skin and also has the occasional break-out issues that comes with delicate skin. A doctor recommended an acne medicine that made her so sick that over the holidays we ended up at an Urgent Care. There are many, many good doctors in this world and I do believe that there are good medications. I just am not a fan. Because I personally believe that we end up on so many medications as a result of side effects from other medications and I feel that taking something internally for a topical issue can result in well, sometimes a trip to Urgent Care. So, the doctor stopped the medication.

In the meantime, I did some of that research into herbs and “potions” and made this recipe from lovinsoap and all the credit goes to them. This is a charcoal soap with tea tree oil and is said to be great for acne prone skin.

On making this, I have to say that charcoal is an insidious thing. It is a fine powder, pitch black and one tiny dab of this stuff created black spots on more surfaces than I knew were possible! Add a little oil to it and I do believe it could be used as a mental weapon for all fastidious people. Oh, and this soap stinks. Which is the point, I guess. This has a very astringent smell and if the smell alone will clear up skin, this will work.charcoal-tea-tree-soap

Here the the recipe courtesy of lovinsoap.

The only thing I changed was to take approximately one cup of the trace before adding the charcoal and sitting it aside. I added 1/2 teaspoon of super pearly white mica from Because I just couldn’t totally give up the design aspect of soap making.


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