Marketing Soap

It’s hard to focus when it comes to soap because there are so many formulas, designs and trends out there it becomes hard to know what is right for you. Many people who love homemade soap love it because it is real to them, natural. So consider that and make soap for them. A lavender soap. An oatmeal soap. There are two that are basic and good.

After you make them, take a picture. And it should be a picture of your soap. You don’t need to decorate around your soap. Not if it looks good on it’s own. And if it doesn’t, don’t sell it! That is your reputation out there. You don’t need a fancy camera, your phone should work just fine. Two pieces of white paper work just fine, too.

I used two legal sizes, curved them around and set my soaps on them. No distraction, just soap. img_0533And some natural light. That’s it!

Your next step is tell people why you love your soap. And why they should, too. What are the basic ingredients? Why did you choose this combination? What makes your soap special?

One of the best places to get ideas for your soap is Etsy. Don’t steal anyone’s ideas, not fair! But you can see what makes a good picture, what descriptions speak to you. Then you can create your own. Have a friend who’s prose you admire take a look at what you have written. Fix it if need be.

And now that you have gotten a few ideas from me, keep moving forward. I believe in you!


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