Going to the Dogs

I see this a lot in blogs “It’s been awhile!”. Lots of reasons there. Life, Work. Soap. Soap.

Roll In This 1


We have three dogs. Two are happy geriatric dogs and the third is a Chihuahua. Chihuahuas aren’t dogs. I’ll let you know when I figure out what category they are in as I don’t think they know (or care) either.

Finch 11

I have been making soap for a few years now, trying different things and I realized that I have not made a soap for dogs. Why not? If you own a dog, you know there are all kinds of products out there for them. A whole range of shampoos. Lots of chemicals on the list of ingredients. Which I don’t like.

So I not only made a basic oatmeal soap, I also made a soap with rosemary essential oil for smelly dogs (not that THAT ever happens!).

Whew You Stink 2

These have a simple olive oil base and palm and coconut oils. I have a recipe somewhere on this blog for people. I used the same here. And it works nicely.Because this time we tested it on animals. Ours. And they were fluffy.

So, where have I been? Making soap and promoting it with a contest on Twitter. https://twitter.com/SeasonsSoap

And our winner of the contest, with the most votes for cuteness and soapability? Teddy.







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