Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. An official day, along with a million new holidays that seem to come up every year to honor one thing, person or event; this should be one of the keepers. Because Mother’s Day is every day.

Being a mother is the most rewarding job ever. Hands down. It’s also damn hard. With no monetary compensation in most countries. And why is that? Because raising a person to be a caring and productive member of society is kind of important to the planet. It takes time and loving effort. Something you really shouldn’t screw up! And to see that baby, child, teenager, young adult and adult become that amazing person that you had the smallest part in raising? Truly is the greatest thing.

When I first found out I was pregnant I was not only in awe but honestly in a kind of panic. I wanted a baby but I knew nothing, NOTHING about raising one! Most of you are aware there is no manual? That two of the most important jobs in the world are Motherhood and World Leader? Nope, no manuals! Mothers give birth and in doing so, become “mothers”.

I remember when my first born was a few days old and just couldn’t seem to stop crying. My husband looked at me and said, “Why’s she crying?” “I don’t know”, I said. “But you’re her MOTHER!”, he said in disbelief.

We love you, our children. We raise you to the best of our ability. We screw up a couple of times and we are sorry. But we wouldn’t trade you for the world and that little acknowledgement from you once a year? It means we did a few things right. Without the book.

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