Where’s the Fun Part?

I’ll have to admit, I never saw this coming! Making soap is so much fun! What to do with it after it has cured, that’s different!

Do you remember years back where everyone was making friendship bread? You are happily and lovingly given a coffee cake with a bag of starter to be able to make your own coffee cake. Then after you knocked yourself out adding to the starter every other day, stirring the starter every other day and then having to make coffee cake for two (when you really didn’t need one coffee cake every ten days in the first place), you now have to find the last person on earth who did NOT have starter or coffee cake. So now I make soap. Right.

Colorful Display

For anyone with a creative bent you know what I am talking about. When you fall for something you inhale it. You want to try everything to do with it. Like lemon pound cake? I bet you have a Pinterest board full of recipes! Well, me, too! My Pinterest board, Soap Recipes and Techniques currently has 1,342 soap recipes on it. That will change by the end of the week. Needless to say, I make a lot of soap. I love making soap.

At first, I gave it to coworkers. In fact, tasked with spiffing up an office for a new coworker, I opened the desk to find seven bars of soap that a poor beleaguered coworker had stashed in the back of a drawer.(By the way, they still smelled great!) But I get it. So now I sell it! Which leads to my new problem,

Dark Soap Display

selling it. I have now become a one (and a half, thanks Season) woman operation in management. I can make the wonderful and fun soap, then I have to market it, label it, package it, ship it and/or sell it as a vendor, invoice and pay taxes and where did the fun part go??

And I will share this backwards journey with you as I move along that road. Those who have a handle on it and those who are now staring with slightly glazed eyes at a growing pile of soap bars, wondering if coffee cake is a better option, as Stephen Wright says, “It may be that your sole purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others”.

Get ready for my purpose.





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