Creative Minds

I have yet to meet a soap maker that only does one thing. Our minds don’t work like that. Is there a creative term for it? OCD: Open-minded Creative Designers? Basically, we see ordinary things everywhere and our minds go into scramble mode and combine it into…cool stuff.

We are the people you are talking to who tend to stop on the sidewalk while you are still walking and you have to turn around and lead us back to reality. We have seen something/thought of something/heard something and we loop. But we take you with us so those of you who need some fun, well, here we are! Children do this until we drill it out of them. I wonder how much creativity they lose?

Besides soap, and bath bombs, lotion bars, deodorant (it all ties together when wandering), I also garden, weave, cook, draw, photograph and take classes that draw me out of my quiet comfort zone (find my story on welding).

I have taken (talked her into) my artist friend Eileen to classes on silver soldering and weaving. Eileen Flanagan Kane is a fiber artist who’s work had been featured in local galleries. She creates detailed works of art with fabrics and threads. Here is a sample of some of her amazing work.

Thread Vessel

We are taking a class Sunday on bookbinding with a class on glass sun catchers later this month. And I have talked my friend Andra into coming to the bookbinding class (she is a wordsmith).
My friend Linda Long sends things to me that interest her and that I might like in regular messages. She is a class on her own, having taught me basic crocheting and knitting. One of many things she makes are intricately beaded, crocheted prayer shawls along with a million other sewn, smocked and woven things. Take a look.

Linda picture

Our next project together is cake decorating.

This is what creative minds do. We expand on what we know while happily picking up the creative offerings of other minds through classes, items we have seen and loved and sharing what we know. All art has a common thread whether it is fine art or a craft and life has a lot of creative things to offer if we look with friends around to guide us back to the sidewalk.

So what do you do? Besides what you do?



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