Look! A Kitty!

I have a lot of trouble sticking to one thing. My generation didn’t have a diagnosis for it, it was simply “too much sugar” or “what’s wrong with that child?” I was and still am interested in everything, at least for one split second.

As a result of that bounce, I have arrived at what I do best, soap making. Because it’s never the same. And I can’t ever guarantee the same outcome when making soap.

For instance, here is batch one and batch two of Winter Magic. Same colorings, same basic pour and yet.

Both pretty soaps but obviously not the same. And how does this happen?

There are so many variables when making soaps. Oils, temperature, fragrance, coloring, pour ability, time of day, did I eat breakfast, did YOU eat breakfast?, You can guide the process but you will never truly control it. That is why so many of us who make soap anticipate cutting day. The reveal!  The ultimate beauty of soap is that you don’t need to account for the outcome, just own it! I meant to do both of those batches just. like. that.

These are all lavender soaps. Same recipe, different ideas and again, unexpected.

So for those of you who follow kitties, then butterflies, then the flower behind the butterfly? Consider making soap. It will not only appeal to the practical side of life in use but you can chase all the kitties you want! I guarantee it!




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