You Should have Seen the Before Shot!

I am one of those DIY people, obvious from my soap making and other things (don’t ever mention popcorn ceiling removal). Most of us are very happy to share our successes, our recipes, our how to create this with you, but very few of us really want to admit to those awesome moments of total and complete failure (been there right? Made you cringe, didn’t I)? I truly think that the best designers, chefs and crafters should take the time to do an entire “show” on what goes wrong. Because it does. And the rest of us wouldn’t feel quite so inept.

For me, I don’t mind admitting to my mistakes. It’s narrowing them down on what and how many to share that is my problem! But I think if more of us opened up to our goofs, the rest of us wouldn’t feel the pressure to get it immediately right!  Mistakes happen! Some mistakes become the next great idea and we become convinced we MEANT to do that in the first place. Many mistakes are learning experiences, akin to going home with a picture for the refrigerator and then having to explain patiently to the family what we drew. Who knew that was Uncle Dave? Who knew Uncle Dave looks like a giraffe with a hump?

My biggest and continual mistake is to try to make Bath Bombs. It should be easy, right? A no brainer! But a recipe for bath bombs not only consists of a few simple ingredients but should also require a weather balloon, an industrial humidifier and a hot weather guy (hey, my blog, my rules). Four ingredients, too much humidity and DOOM! Many people who attempt bath bombs slink away in shame but NO, NOT ME, I am still at it a year later. Someone please intervene any time.

My bath bombs press together beautifully. At it’s simplest it is 2 cups baking soda, 1 cup citric acid, 2 oz. melted coconut oil and fragrance. You whisk that together and fill two halves of a mold, pressing to create a perfectly round bath bomb. Then you unmold it.


Where the bath bombs begin to flatten into a new unspeakable shape, grow warts and start using foul language before exploding. Not all the time. One out of three. ONE. OUT. OF. THREE. Enough that I keep face palming while saying, “Why? Why? I make perfectly good soap. Why?? This is supposed to be easier! It’s not fair!” in my best whiney voice.

bath bombs before and after

On the left you will see bath bombs that survived. On the right? A moment of silence. For the humidity, moisture, reaction to my mood, I don’t know.

The point?  I want you to take heart. Failure IS an option. It happens (for some of us a lot)! And that’s okay. Because that is how you learn (that you shouldn’t make bath bombs)! And know that you are still beautiful, still creative, still absolutely awesome! At something else!


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