Doing a Show

I have been doing a few shows. Only a few but that is my excuse for not writing lately. While I enjoy talking with people who stop by our booth and I am happy for the compliments and sales, I am not great as a sales person. I love my soap and I know it is a good and natural soap, smells good and makes people so happy they come back to our site for more but selling it? In person? Let’s just say I made some good friends! Heard some great stories. Oh, sell the soap. Right.
IMG_4019 I brought Ed with me for the Lebanon Car Show. After all, the guy spent many years in radio, on stage introducing major acts before concerts, here is my sales guy, right?

And here is the 10 second apron shot. He put it on, he tied it, looked down, took it off and came back hours later to tell me about the great cars that were there. He did that for two days.

But it’s still good to have a friend for comfort. A husband to count on. In spirit. From very, very far across the fairgrounds.  So put that on your list, people who are thinking of selling in shows. It should be first! And enjoy a few pictures I took at a great show.  And some awesome friends.





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