Do What You Love?

Seasons Bath and Body had a very successful event at the end of October, spending three hours at a fundraising event at a local fire station. The interesting thing is that we had more fun, we sold more bath products than at any show to date. Yet I was expecting the night to be one of having fun, meeting people and making friends but not selling much. I mean, selling soap at a fire station? And I was wrong. Which makes me wonder what else I might be wrong about.


Wordpress 11_13_17
Trunk or Treat at the Fire Station



I love what I do. I create soap and bath bombs and it’s from my heart and that means a lot to me. But is that enough?


Black Raspberry Vanilla Soap


Making soap brings a joy to me. I like to call it “practical art”. I love picking the best oils for your skin and then creating a beautiful soap that makes you as happy as I am to make it for you. It’s art that is useful, and affordable. Sometimes making the choices to create a good soap creates a higher cost per bar for me as I choose good oils, sustainable ingredients and buy from companies that feel as I do about a good and safe product. But I have to believe in what I do. The practical side of me says that doing something else, selling something else would be less work and more income but what would I be giving up?


Beach 11_2_17
Beach Soap


So, for those of you who create a product (then make so much of it that you veer off into packaging, marketing, selling!), would you continue doing what you love? Even if doing something else would pay more? Or be less work? Why or why not?  I’d love to hear from you!




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