I Cant Believe I Said That!

I just looked back over years of soap making and my early posts make me laugh. And yet this is truly the evolution of a determined soap maker! Enthusiastic and helpful information that you may be using! Thank you and I hope you have grown along with me and have updated some of your methods, too!


Because if we stick with soap making over the years, we grow. And learn. And make a few horrendous mistakes. And a lot of good changes. But we keep going.


And let me share this most important tip with you. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else. Because we all started somewhere! I apparently started with Canola oil and some seriously ugly soap! Lots of people use Canola oil in soap and it works quite well and it is readily available and inexpensive. (apparently back in the day I knew that!). As I kept growing and learning I realized that I wanted to provide a soap that was good for skin, in addition to being good for the environment. So I started using Olive oil and I stopped using Canola oil. I gave up Palm oil for all my recipes but one because I need what it does there. That said, there are reputable distributors of Palm oil. Brambleberry for one and the company states it clearly for you “In keeping with our social and ethical responsibility goals, our Palm oil supplier is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization that supports sustainable palm oil production.” I trust Brambleberry and they have earned my business. Still, I have learned to make soap without Palm and I like the results. Palm oil adds a nice hardness to soap bars. So does Sodium Lactate.  Just choose and source it carefully. Which means you are learning. Getting better at the craft.

Mixed Colorful Display

Making soap is fun. It has a beautiful  purpose. And a long and endless learning curve as I just learned by looking back on some seriously weird looking soaps and slightly embarrassing blog posts. Which I will keep. Because as Steven Wright once said, “It may be my sole purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others!” “Never give up, Never give in, Never Surrender” (Galaxy Quest) and keep on making that soap! Just promise me you will take all blogs from enthusiastic soap makers like me with a grain of Sodium Lactate!


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