Losing a Friend, Gaining a Love


I was asked to share this with you from a friend who read it on another page.

I have had several friends say they could not own another pet after the pain they went through when their pet died. I understand.

Sasha was a member of our house for fifteen years. She was loving, gentle, goofy and simply happy. While I always pretended she was more Ed’s dog than mine, she gave me equal amounts of love and comfort. When I took her to the vet, on her last day, it was one of the hardest days I have had. She trusted me to do the right thing and while I knew it was the right, I cry even now over it.

Sasha Finch 2
It’s been about eight months and since then we have waved goodbye to our son, Adam, and Finch, our Chihuahua who become HIS Chihuahua when they moved to Arizona. Sometimes it happens like that, a bond that develops so strongly that a dog knows her person and where she needs to be.

And we still have sweet Henry. Henry is a senior, a terrier mix and our one “true” dog. He has noticed the lack of dogs in our home lately and I think he is slightly concerned about the disappearing dog trick that has been happening here.
Henry Sleeping 17There are so many lost and unwanted animals out there that the idea that I don’t want to be hurt also means that some sweet animal is left in a cage at a shelter. A dog or cat who would give so much for a warm house and a little love. A little time with someone who loves them. Wouldn’t it be worth it? Because the alternative is thoughtless.

Today I went to a shelter in Burlington, NC. The people there were kind and they knew the animals there and they really loved and rooted for them. I met eleven-year-old Princess, a Chihuahua who had been surrendered because her owners were moving. She was quiet and sweet and while polite, spent much time looking out through the glass window and whimpering a little, hoping her people would come back for her. She had me there. I am going to be her people.

Every animal deserves a person. Even when it hurts so much to say goodbye. Because really? If it hurts that much, then you both have loved each other fully and that made it worth it.

We’ll let you know! And that name, seriously? Princess??


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