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I have no clue what to call this one! It’s a soap. Made with olive and coconut oils and a few other awesome things. No palm, no parabens, small batch. But writing it up to make it sound as beautiful as it is opens a whole new thought process for me.


Mango Coconut
a mango coconut soap that needs a home name.


It’s getting close to our first show and time to wrap up the soap making and move on to photos, labels and descriptions. I like to be honest with descriptions but to tell the truth, I am more ready to buy an item when it makes me feel like I am getting an “experience”. Don’t pretend you are different! We can buy a basic item and often do but we are lured into beautiful stores with beautiful things that cost more because they tell you that you will feel a certain way after buying the product. For instance, you could buy “a natural bastille soap, made with olive and coconut oils, fragrance added”. Or would you rather have “A gentle, all natural soap infused with the scent of tropical mangos and coconuts. Add a tropical feel to your bathing experience. A limited edition soap, exclusive to Seasons Bath and Body”. Yea, I know, right?? Both pretty much say what if is but that last one takes you somewhere wonderful in your mind. Same bar of soap, different place.


Gold 4
A lemongrass lavender soap that I may call Bob


What do you look for when you buy a bath product? All natural? Environmentally friendly? Vegan? Luxury? Do you look for that or do you fall in love with those beautifully wrapped soaps with those descriptions that take you far away from your every day world? Or a store that makes you feel like you are a part of something special? What makes you buy one soap more than another? I have a feeling there is a bit more to it than “good soap”.

And trust me when I tell you that I am working on that description for you! As soon as I find a name for these two!



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